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DWF has overcome the final beaurocratic hurdles and can now plan to begin construction early in 2024!   Hoooray!

Thanks to all SSF members who have supported this much needed development over the last 4 years.  See buttons below for more details.

MEDIA RELEASE - 31/03/2022


A positive outcome for the Latrobe Valley - Delburn Wind Farm to go ahead.


Strzelecki Sustainable Futures (SSF) welcomes the decision of the State Minister and is glad that the State Government is supporting action to make the future more resilient and sustainable.


SSF as a grassroots local group is representative of many residents in the community who support the transition to renewable energy and the wonderful boost of clean energy that the Delburn Wind Farm will bring to power our energy needs. “This announcement sits within a huge social license for action on climate change”, says Catheryn Thompson.


SSF formed to present a positive response to this state-of-the-art renewable project and to provide communications that addressed concerns and countered misinformation. The project was supported because it is placed in a pine plantation with minimal impact on food production and residences. It’s a multiple land use project and will improve road and fire access for the local community. Utilising infrastructure from the old Hazelwood Power station is an added bonus that makes common sense.


“The expert panel on the Delburn Wind Farm allowed ample opportunity for the community to contribute and it gave very considered recommendations after considering all the evidence”, said Catheryn Thompson of SSF, adding that “minimal vegetation removal, generous offsets and improved communications with fire agencies address many community concerns”.


The Delburn Wind Farm has invested deeply in community engagement via multiple avenues and will continue to contribute to community via benefits schemes that will provide ongoing direct financial benefits to neighbours, local communities and local governments.


Climate change impacts are causing havoc for our communities – fire, flood, pollution, extinctions, risk of increased infectious diseases and impacts on health. The Delburn Wind Farm and other renewable projects are inevitable in the land of coal and we embrace this transition with confidence that given time, the results of a cleaner world will be a blessing to all.

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